7 Oils For Scars: Heal Those Stubborn Scars Naturally

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There are several home remedies for scar treatment, a prominent class of which is the use of oils. Lavender, rose hip, carrot seed, and helichrysum oils are some essential oils that can be diluted and used for scars of different origins. Coconut oil and lemon juice are effective for lightening stubborn scars. Olive oil and mustard seed oil have excellent moisturization and regeneration properties and can be used on different kinds of scars.

We’ve all fallen off of the bike or cut ourselves badly in the kitchen or even just gotten hurt while playing. Scars from moderate to deep wounds can last a long time, sometimes even for life. And there are very few known remedies and medicines for scars.

Most medicines are steroidal in nature and should not be used over a long time period. So, it is better to resort to natural remedies and oils that can lighten the scars over time. Some commercially available products are gaining popularity for being excellent at scar removal. However, a scar is formed due to the destruction of several layers of skin tissue and a solution that works for one person may not work for another. Here are a few oils that work wonders for scar removal.

1. Lavender Oil


Not only is lavender oil extremely soothing but it also heals scars effectively. It speeds up the process of cell regeneration. For fresh wounds, applying a few drops of lavender oil in water can hasten the healing and minimise scars. For existing scars, apply diluted oil for several days for observable results.

2. Coconut Oil


This humble, easily available oil is gaining significance now as a healer of everything from the gut and immune system to the hair and body. For scars left after burn wounds that have healed, a mix of lemon juice and coconut oil can be applied each day to lighten them. The vitamin E in coconut oil helps the scars heal faster. For fresh burn wounds that can be treated at home, applying coconut oil prevents infection and reduces scar formation.

3. Helichrysum Oil


The essential oil obtained from the plant Helichrysum italicum works very well for scars of all kinds. Be it from both injuries or surgeries, old or new, helichrysum oil treats the scar. Just a 1% dilution in a carrier base is quite sufficient to see results.

4. Carrot Seed Oil


Have you ever seen carrot seeds? They are extremely tiny. However, they hold a potent oil that is excellent for treating scars and blemishes. It is great for moisturizing the skin. It can treat fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin damages very effectively. Carrot seed oil should always be diluted with a carrier oil before use.

5. Olive Oil


We all know olive oil as an excellent moisture retainer. It removes dead skin cells that form a major portion of a scar and helps to heal the skin over time. As much as possible, use extra virgin olive oil.5

6. Mustard Seed Oil


While the smell of mustard oil is not for everyone, there is no denying the fact that it is an excellent treatment for scars. An ointment containing 10% mustard oil applied for several weeks is a great way to treat the truly stubborn scars.

7. Rosehip Oil


If you want an effective remedy that also smells good every time you apply it, try out rosehip oil. When used as a bathing oil, it helps to reduce the overall appearance and prominence of scars.

Apart from these home remedies, you can also try laser scar lightening for the very stubborn ones. There are lots of creams available in the market to treat a scar. Ask your doctor for more details about these treatment options.

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